About the Department

The Department of Mechanical Engineering recently started in the year 2009 and offer B.E Mechanical engineering .There are nine Laboratory namely CAD CAM Lab, Thermal engg lab ,Heat transfer Lab, Manufacturing Technology Lab ,Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Lab, General Workshop, Metrology and measurement Lab, Dynamics Lab, Strength of materials lab, Mechatronics lab, are well established with in short period of time. The Department has a team of dedicated, well qualified and experienced faculty which includes three professors To provide in depth knowledge and training in the field of Mechanical engineering covering energy, thermal, design, manufacturing, industrial management, and to expose to the latest research, development and techniques so as to cater to the growing needs of the Industries and to mould the students. The department offers an under graduate program B.E.( Mechanical Engineering) . The thermal engineering program has its versatile opportunities to work in areas of thermal design, power plants, oil and gas company, HVAC, thermal management of buildings and in multidisciplinary area, thermal management of electronics, thermal engineers decides the length and breadth of electronic component sizes.

Programme Educational Objectives

1. Our graduates will have fundamental technical knowledge and develop core competency in diversified areas of Mechanical Engineering such as thermal, design and production and their related software with a view to expanding the knowledge horizon and inculcating lifelong learning among students.

2. A major fraction of our graduates will pursue advanced studies, research and industrial product development in the field of Mechanical engineering through developing partnerships with industrial and research agencies thereby serving the needs of the industry, government, society and scientific community.

3. Our graduates will be capable of building their own careers upon a solid foundation of knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility to serve their profession and society ethically.

4. Our graduates will have effective communication, leadership, teaming, problem solving and decision making skills by understanding contemporary issues thereby contributing to their overall personality and career development.

S.NO Name of the Laboratory Lab/Major Equipments
1 CManufacturing technology lab Horizontal Universal milling M/c
All Geared Lathe Machine model: CQ6230 x 910
All Geared Lathe Machine model: CQ 6128
Centre Lathe cone pully belt type
HI-GRIP Centre Lathe Machine with cone pully type
Manuval Surface Grinding machine model : BHURI,9"x18"
Shapping Machine
Slotting Machine
Radial Drilling Machine
Hack saw Machine
Turret Lathe
Capstan lathe
Bench Grinding machine
2 Work shop LATHE - Hi grip light duty machine
LATHE - RREW light duty machine
Smith furnace (Hearth )
AC Welding Transformer - star welding machine
Bench type drilling machine
Hand grinding machine
3 Fluid mechanics and machineries lab Pelton whell turbine setup
Francis turbine setup
Recipricating pump setup
Jetpump Setup
Submersible pump Setup
Centrifugal pump 3HP Setup
Centrifugal pump 2Hp Setup
Gear oil pump Setup
Venturi meter and orifice meter setup
V-Notch apparatus
Rota meter apparatus
Pipe- friction apparatus
Losses in pipe apparatus
4 Thermal lab-01 Single cylinder petrol engine setup
Data acquisition system setup
Single cylinder diesel engine ( Electrical) setup
Single cylinder diesel engine (slow speed) setup
Twin cylinder diesel engine setup
Cut-section Model for diesel engine
Cut-section Model for petrol engine
Flash & Fire point apparatus
Say bolt Viscometer
5 Thermal lab-02 ( HMT lab ) Thermal conductvity
Heat transformer through lagged pipe
Heat transformer through natural - convection
Forced convection
Pin-Fin apparatus
Stefmen - Boltzman apparatus
Emissivity Measurment
Parallel / Counter flow heat exchanger
Air conditioning test-rig
Refrigiration test-rig
6 CAD / CAM Lab Auto cad-2008 Inventor (prof-2008 AIP 2008 en DVD Edu )
Auto cad-2008 Civil-3D ( Civil 3D 2008 EN DVD Edu )
Auto cad-2008 Electrical Autocad E 2008 EN DVD Edu )
Solid works 3D soild modling 08-09
Setup new cad lab with 35 HP work station
IBMx3400,Quadcore Intel xeon,2GB ram, lenova 17"fet moniter, Ibm key board, mouse
Solid works Education free up grade 2009-20010
Edge cam software - 2009
Cannon Laser printer LBP 3500- A3 printer
Ansys Acadamic Technology Software Version-12.0
CNC Lathe trainer
CNC Milling trainer
7 Metrology and measurement lab Auto collirimeter
Bevel Protractor
Displacement measuring setup
Dial gauge calibration
Electrical comparator
Floating Carriage micrometer
Force measuring setup
Granite Surface plate
Gear tooth Vernier
Mechanical Comparator
Micrometer (0-25 mm)
Micrometer (25-50 mm)
Micrometer (50-75)
Profile Projector
Pneumatic Comparator
Sine bar(0-100mm)
Slip gauge (set-112)
Temperature Measuring Setup
Torque Measuring setup
Tool maker microscope
Vibrating shock measuring setup
Vernier Caliber (0-150)
Vernier height gauge (0-300)
Vernier depth gauge
8 Dynamics lab Universal governer apparatus with techno meter
Balancing of reciprocating mass
Balancing of rotating mass
Cam Analyser
Bi-filar equipment
Crack rocker mechanism
Double Cranker mechanism
Motorized gyroscope
M.I.by oscillation for connecting rod and fly wheel
Spring mass system
Slider crank mechanism
Torsional oscillation
Transverse Vibration
Vibrating table
Whirlling of shaft
Bevel gear
Holical gear
Spur gear
Single and double universal joint
Worm gear
9 Mechatronics lab Basic of electro pnematics trainer kit
Basic of electro pnematics trainer kit with PLC
Design and testing of fluid power
MCS family micron trianer
P.I.D. servo controller
Process control trainer kit
Stepper motor controller
Simulation of basic hydrallic & pnematic circuit software
10 Energy Lab Mini thermal power plant (Boiler, steam turbine and its accessories)
Solar Thermal collectors


  • The Department of Mechanical Engineering will be recognized nationally as a pioneer in undergraduate Engineering programs of the nation through the excellence of its people.
  • Based on the quality and balance of its teaching and research set within the context of meeting important societal needs it will be a department of choice by prospective students, parents, faculty, staff, and industries.


  • The mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering is to serve the society by developing competent Engineers with outstanding leadership qualities who will respond effectively to the progressive needs of the Industries through contributions in knowledge discovery, innovation, entrepreneurship and aptitude for Sustained learning.


The Department, through the appropriate courses in the different years of undergraduate course imparts the basic knowledge in the areas of Applied Mathematics, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Thermal Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Heat and Mass Transfer, Gas Dynamics and Jet Propulsion, Design of machine Elements, Computer Graphics and Drafting, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology, Design of Jigs, Fixtures and Press tools, Machine Tools, Automobile Engineering, Strength of Materials etc.

In addition, advanced concepts in a few selected areas of technologies are imparted through Elective courses in the area of:

  • Wind and Solar Power Engineering
  • Refrigeration and Air conditioning
  • Creativity, Innovation and New Product Development
  • Advanced IC Engineering
  • Turbo Machinery
  • Finite Element Techniques
  • Combustion Engineering
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Computational of fluid flow and Heat transfer
  • Industrial Robotics


Guest lectures on latest topics and upcoming fields are conducted by experts from Industries and Research Organizations. This is an endeavor to keep students abreast of the advancements in technology.


To provide insight and knowledge of the industrial environment students are escorted on industrial visits to firms such as:

  • Ashok Leyland – Ennore.
  • Neyveli Lignite Corporation – Neyveli
  • Salem Steel Plant -Salem
  • Thiruthani Co-operative sugar mills – Thiruthani
  • Integral Coach Factory – Chennai


The students have participated in various state level symposiums conducted by other colleges and have won several prizes.


Courses are developed and conducted on latest topics in the field of Mechanical Engineering apart from the regular University syllabus. Some of the present value added programs are:

  • AUTO CAD 2015
  • Computer Based Analysis
  • Modeling
  • power plant engineering
  • Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  • Personality Development Programs
  • HR, Aptitude Test, Group Discussion, Seminars


Consistent with the high standard of excellence aimed by the Institution, the faculty comprises a team of carefully selected and highly qualified persons who have proven record of meritorious accomplishments to their credit. We have Doctorates and Postgraduates specialized in various disciplines that have extensive industrial and teaching experience.

The staff strength is According to the norms prescribed by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi, Government of Tamil Nadu and Affiliated to Anna University.