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7.2.1 Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format provided in the Manual


Title of the Practice


Objectives of the Practice

The A.R. Engineering College is an eco-friendly establishment. The college's campus is situated in a tidy, pollution-free area. The college makes every effort to keep the lush, verdant grounds surrounding the campus attractive. Since its founding, the A.R. Engineering College has worked to lower energy use, maintain a level of indoor air quality, and increase energy efficiency on campus by using strategies that are compatible with a secure, safe, and community-focused campus. To encourage students to keep environment clean. To educate students to create awareness amongst public. To make students understand the importance of environment and make the campus clean.

The Context

It has become highly imperative to sensitize the future generation on the need for green initiative and eco friendly practices to have a clean, green and save environment

The Practice

Campus-wide programs aimed at reducing, reusing, and recycling are contributing to the development of a green code of conduct that includes the following:

Energy Conservation:

By adopting a proactive and forward-thinking approach, the energy conservation strategy seeks to ensure responsible, economical, and energy-efficient operations on campus.

Maintenance of water bodies:

Groundwater is essential to the institution's operation. Bore wells and open wells are present, in that order. The facility provides adequate storage for drinking water, groundwater, and water for cleaning. The facility has a RO purifier that cleans drinking water for use in drinking. In addition a rainwater collection system was installed on our campus.

Landscaping with trees and plants:

Every year, AREC plans a tree-planting initiative on the campus of the college. Students and faculty participate in the Plantation Program. The initiative to plant trees both on and off campus is eagerly started and carried out by students and staff.

Evidence of Success
  • The college's green campus project not only improves the campus's aesthetics but also contributes to environmental preservation.
  • The college's electrical bills demonstrate the considerable financial savings.
  • The use of water conservation techniques contributes to the upkeep of green and eco-friendly campus landscaping.
  • College campuses are now tidy and attractive thanks to the ban on plastic products.
  • Every week AREC students participate in PET hours. Our campus is surrounded by a large number of plants and trees, which helps our pupils breathe clean air and provides a nice space for them to perform sports.
  • A growing number of faculty, staff, and students are using paper bags. The street vendors benefit financially as a result.
Problems Encountered and Resources Required
  • Careful planning of human resources is necessary for the preservation and growth of plants.
  • There has to be good public transportation in the area.
  • The college need government assistance to carry out a number of environmentally friendly projects, including the installation of solar panels, automated switches to conserve electricity, air quality monitoring equipment, and recycling machines.
  • The biggest challenge is the lack of funding for self-financial institutions from government/agencies for the development of the sustainability projects.
7.2.1Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format provided in the Manual


Title of the practice


Objectives of the practice

The goals are to cultivate a culture of competition among students, encourage more students to make the university merit list, foster a positive environment.Student coaching plays a vital role in supporting students on their journey to success. By understanding the role of student coaching and recognizing its benefits, coaches can make a significant impact on the lives of their students.Student coaching is a collaborative process between a coach and a student, aimed at empowering the student to reach their goals.

The Context

The location of the college is rural. The majority of admitted students come from rural areas. They have no idea about higher education or the idea of succeeding in the field. Some students are not good in language. Thus, "Special Coaching" has been implemented by the College for all students. The idea behind this concept is to help students become more self-assured and competent.The year-round practice of the special coaching activity precedes the start of the University Examination.

The Practice

Certain practices make up special coaching activities. Wherein each department will create a coaching timetable that comprises:

I) Schedule of Unit Wise Test Examination of each subject: -

The faculties prepare a subject-specific unit test schedule and publish a separate timetable to indicate when these tests will be administered in addition to the standard unit tests.

II) Provision to provide additional facilities to the students: -

Extra resources like e-resources, journals, and text and reference books are available at the Central Library. Academic achievement is emphasized, and students are encouraged to participate in state and national conferences, seminars, and workshops.

III)Attention to solve the personal difficulties of the students:

Subject matter experts answer inquiries about their specific domains.Most bright students come from traditional, low-income, rural backgrounds.They receive financial aid in the form of paid books, reduced fees, transportation expenses, etc.

IV)Felicitation of meritorious students: -

Deserving pupils receive compliments from college executives during an annual occasion. The sponsored supplemental cash incentives are offered to the meritorious students as a means of encouraging them for their Success.

Evidence of success
  • Raising the pass rate on university exams.
  • Giving each pupil individualized attention enables them to get over obstacles. in their studies.
  • Students' subject understanding improved when technical questions were answered.
  • Their writing and studying abilities improved steadily over time.
  • Unit wise assessments help students acquire time management skills and improve their correctness on the exam.
Problems encountered and resource required
  • All the Students are undergoing coaching activity.
  • Some students are affected by health issues during rainy seasons.
  • Some students travelling from long to college, they don’t have stamina to study entire day.
  • Faculties handling Special coaching also should attend counseling session like how to handle a student with disturbed mind. Special coaching activity gives coaching to all the three category students like slow learners, intermediate and toppers.